Index of 1949 issues of Michigan Conservation magazine:

1949 was the year the Michigan Conservation changed to a full magazine, with more durable paper and covers, and much color content - including the great paintings of Charles Schaefer. Prior to this it was all b/w and on thinner paper, which limited the possibilities for art not to mention subscription appeal and commensurate rarity of old issues. Although many pages still remained less than full color, the use of color text, decorations, panels, and illustrations greatly enhanced the magazine's attractiveness.

The January 1949 issue had the first color painting on the cover (the painting later reappeared in the Nov-Dec. 1977 issue upon Charles Schaefer's retirement; that article is scanned and will appear on this website later), as well as notification of "your new magazine". 1949 marked a key evolutionary step in MC/MNR history.

(Not all of the content is scanned, just what I found most interesting, relevant, representative, etc. when I was scanning.)

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