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Contributors to MC/MNR magazine:

... will go here; including dates of work, types of contribution, other activities, etc.
Some notes for now - mostly to remind myself...

(to do:) Table of staff: editor, assistant/managing editor, artist...

1. Editors:
Cliff Ketchum was editor from 19XX to 19XX.
Russell McKee (born 1925 died 2010) was associate editor from 1954 and editor from 19XX until 19XX.
John Gray, "the sage of Sagola", editor 196x-197x. In 2007 and after I specifically went through Sagola (as well as Ralph, another town made famous to me in MNR) to see Gray's town that was mentioned so often in his stories. It's still a major lumbering and log processing center, but nobody I talked to (albeit that was few) knew who John Gray was.
Russell McKee, editor of MNR 1973-1984, and with MDNR since 1952. Died in December 1985. (article on him and retirement in Nov-Dec 1984, "Sage of Sagola" article and last "Meander Line" essay in Jan-Feb 1986, letter from reader who knew John in Mar-Apr 86)
Norris McDowell was acting editor from the first issue 1985 and later named editor in a short article the September-October issue of that year) Barbara Nichols came on the roster near the end of the Blanchard regime, first listed in 3rd place as "environmental editor" in the last issue of 1986, but not credited for any specific content until May-June 1989's "They Hunt for a Living".

2. Writers:
R. D. (Raymond Darwin) "Newt" Burroughs, "resident botanist, seer, and philosopher" and author of various articles but best known for his back-page essays from May-June 1949 to July-August 1964 (described as "one of the cleanest, easiest writing styles ever to issue from a bureaucracy"). (short bio in the November-December 1963 issue, shorter note on his book and retirement Sept-Oct 1965, short article upon his death in Mar-Apr 1977). Burroughs also authored a collection of his essays in a book "Peninsular Country" (Grand Rapids MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1965)

3. Illustrators:
Charles Schafer, art director 1945-1977. Probably the most prolific illustrator in the magazine's history, his beautiful paintings were on more covers than not during the 32 years he was on staff. I find his "cubist" period of the mid-1960s particularly interesting. (retrospective article with many illustrations Nov-Dec 1977, short article on his death at the end of 1981 in the Mar-Apr 1982 issue)
Ozz Warbach, cartoonist and illustrator 1940-1977. Born xx.xx.xx, died March 3, 2002. Retired from MNR staff 1970 and DNR 1977.
John Gray dedicated most of his "Meander Line" editorial to Ozz in the May-June 1970 issue. A nice little biography is here (or was there; too bad the SOM website can't comprehend stable or logical URLs so stuff could be revisited!). A few of his cartoons can be seen online here, (archived 2007 copy; ignore the 'flash' parts & scroll to the bottom of the page for links.
Here is a small but nice little cartoon an admirer drew honoring him when he died.
Here's the Worldcat bibliographic data for his archive of drawings in the Michigan State Archives.
Jim Campbell, illustrator 1960s-1970s. Oddly, his name never appeared in the credits section of the magazine and not even always on the story credits or even illustrations yet his art was integral to the magazines design and many story illustrations. He was I believe a staff DOC graphic artist/draftsman, and was also involved in the cartography of the county maps produced by the DNR (need find reference to this). His style is rather zany, full of exaggerated but subtle detail, usually funny, a little surrealistic, and instantly recognizable.
Owen Neils was assistant art editor and illustrator (from the May-June 1978 issue)
Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen was art director and illustrator from 1976-1993(here's his brief biography with more). For a while in the late 1970s he was on staff together with Charles Schafer - that was I guess the heyday of MC/MNR artwise; what a pleasure to see the issues with both their illustrations! He also illustrated five beautiful DNR 'Michigan habitat' posters (Wetlands, Dunes, Rivers, Beech-Maple Forest, and Jackpine plains) that used to be available for free from the DNR; his painting showed typical and rare citizens (plants & animals) of the habitat, and there was a 'key' illustration naming them with extensive text - they're great! (here are a few fragments I was able to find on the web: wetlands poster, & dunes key) He is still an active author and artist, and here's the website.

4. Photographers:
Robert Harrington (small write-up and photo in May-June 1966, larger "People and the Their Stories" article in Jan-Feb 1970; notes and photos from helicopter crash, Nov-Dec 1971).

5. Designers:

6. Other contributors:
Robert D. Burke
, DNR "supporter" and advocate; instrumental in establishment of the MNR magazine fund which for some time - until the Engler regime's sell-off of the magazine reversed this - promised the continuation into the future (short article on his death, Mar-Apr 1978).

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