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A history of MC/MNR magazine:

Will go here; including dates of publication, formats, circulation numbers, staff, and special issues. Also what went wrong in the early 1990s that killed it off. Just a few placeholders and notes so far though, mostly my skeleton draft ideas...

Maybe a Timeline, too.

And a Table of staff: editor, assistant/managing editor, artist...See also the staff page.

Robert D. Burke, DNR "supporter" and advocate; instrumental in establishment of the MNR magazine fund which for some time - until the Engler regime's sell-off of the magazine reversed this - promised the continuation into the future (short article on his death, Mar-Apr 1978)
A "Bookend" article on the magazine's history, funding, etc. is in the Jan-Feb 1983 issue.
A short overview of the magazine's 50th anniversary history is given in "The Bookend" of the January-February 1981 issue

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